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Milan (photo: Pixabay)

Milan is surrounded by places of incredible beauty that make for a number of enjoyable day trips. From beautiful lakes and mountains to charming towns and villages, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Read more

Padova is a delightful university town that combines impressive art, beautiful Medieval architecture and a buzzing historic center. It will make for a great side trip during your stay in Venice. Read more


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My stay at I Pascoli di Amaltea proved to be a great way to explore Alta Langa, a gorgeous territory dominated by hazel groves, luxuriant woodland and open pastures in the region of Piedmont. Read more

Located just a short drive from Sanremo, in the region of Liguria, Bussana Vecchia is a tiny village with a unique history and a hippy vibe – a place unlike anything you’ve seen before! Read more

Milan is getting ready to host one of the coolest events of the year, the Design Week, the biggest international design fair that will take place between 17 and 22 April. Read more

I’m pretty sure that the first thing that comes to your mind when dreaming of wine tasting in Italy is  Chianti in Tuscany. However, Italy is home to other equally charming wine regions producing excellent grapes in fantastic sceneries. One of these is the Langhe, in the northern region of Piemonte, which is home to some of the finest wines in the world. Read more

There are two independent territories in Italy, the Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino. And then there is the self-proclaimed state of Seborga… Read more