I was recently contacted by Bomgogo, an international company that designs, develops, and sells professional equipment for smartphone photography (or “phonetography”), to test one of their smartphone lens kits. Since I take most of my pictures with an iPhone, I welcomed the opportunity to experiment with new photography tricks!


Being an amateur photographer with little experience using photographic filters, the team sent me the Govision L6 Ultralight 2-in-1 HD Lens Kit, which is one of the more basic versions available in the Bomgogo product range. 

First thing first, what is this Bomgogo Lens Kit?

The Govision L6 Ultralight 2-in-1 HD Lens Kit contains a wide-angle lens, and underneath there is a macro lens for close-ups. Basically, it’s a lens that you clip on to your smartphone and enables you to take more expansive scenes (wide angle) or close-up details (macro).

The lens is essentially designed for people who want to take great pictures but without investing in expensive photography equipment or having to carry around heavy cameras.

Bomgogo wide-angle lens

You know that feeling when you are too close to the object you want to photograph and you contort your arms and body in an effort to fit as much as possible in the shot but your smartphone camera has its limits and just can’t make it? Well, the wide-angle lens makes life so much easier under this point of view!

What it does is expanding the phone’s field of view, allowing to squeeze more landscape into a single shot. Look at the difference between the first photo (taken with my iPhone only) versus the second one taken with the Bomgogo Wide Angle Lens:



Photo taken using Bomgogo wide-angle lens

Bomgogo Macro Lens

The macro lens was something totally new for me. It’s for those shots where you get super close to objects as if you’re using a magnifying glass. It took me a little bit more time to get used to it compared to the wide-angle option (and I’m still learning…), but so far I’m pretty satisfied with the results! Just check these two shots: 


Photo taken with only my iPhone – so blurry!


Photo taken with the Macro Lens – look at the level of detail captured in the shot!

The verdict 

I really enjoyed using the Bomgogo lens with my iPhone and it’s definitely become a great addition to my photography kit. It’s super light and small to carry with me anywhere I go and pretty simple to use.

The lens can be used with most smartphones and tablets and looks super professional, with its anti-reflective glass and UV protector.

In terms of photo quality, the images are clear and in high definition, with little to no distortion across the entire frame (I guess this depends also on how good a photographer you are eh eh). It’s important to make sure to get the lens lined up completely perfectly with the phone camera, otherwise, the edges of the shots may appear a little blurry. Also, as I said before, it may take a bit of practice to master the macro option but once you get it right, the result is fantastic.

All in all, I think that Bomgogo lenses are a great option if you are looking to improve your smartphone photography without spending a fortune.

Visit the Bomgogo website to see their entire product range and you can use the


to purchase the Govision L6 lens kit with an 18% discount!  


**All the images above have been taken with my iPhone6 and the lens kit; they are completely unedited, so you can see the difference between shots taken with and without the lens.

Disclaimer: the Bomgogo Govision L6 Ultralight 2-in-1 HD Lens Kit was complimentary in exchange for an honest review. Also, this post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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